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Photography: Jörgen Ahlström

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Teo van den Broeke

Associate editor, Esquire

The new attache case

As the end of summer approaches, finish off your back-to-work wardrobe with this soft, modern take on the attaché case, says Esquire magazine’s associate editor Teo van den Broeke

Following on from the almost empty office that summer and its holidays bring, make the most of the return to work and update your wardrobe with key pieces that really show you mean business in the boardroom. This modern take on the attaché case is a great finishing touch and the perfect option for those who prefer something less formal than a hard-cornered briefcase. Made for carrying your laptop and documents, it’s just as useful for storing your phone, keys and wallet. The design is both adaptable and durable: it features two outer pockets, a padded inner sleeve and various other slots for your everyday essentials, while the leather accents add a contemporary, elegant feel. Ideal for making that all-important good impression on the powers that be.
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“Make that all-important STATEMENT
when you go back to the office with this
soft, hard-working design”