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Photo: Alberto Badalamenti

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From the Style & Living team


Culottes are making a comeback for summer, and it’s time to embrace this wearable trend, says Style & Living’s Jessica Lydka Morris.

Culottes are back. A clothing concept that used to scare me, I’ve always imagined them to be worn by women much more confident than I am. But they aren't as daunting as they first seem – here are three simple reasons why. First, the spring/summer fashion shows were all about oversized, unstructured and sporty styles. These culottes span all three trends without being too “catwalk” to wear. Which leads me to point two: designers have realised that they need to combine fashion with comfort, which this piece has in abundance. Finally, and most importantly, we’ve worked out how to wear culottes without feeling too try-hard: this cool white pair is an easy alternative to a floaty skirt. Go on. Be brave. Why not try something new this summer?
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“Combining COMFORT with
style, these culottes are the perfect
way to stay on trend and feel totally
relaxed this season.”