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Start their day the healthy way – whether they walk or cycle to school, our uniform helps kids arrive looking great

Walk the walk

With more than one in five Reception kids and one in three Year 6 kids measured as obese or overweight (National Statistics 2014/15), it’s a good time to rethink the school run. Living Streets, a UK charity that encourages everyday walking, says that a generation ago, 70 per cent of us walked to school; now that number is less than half. Why not reverse the trend and give your children a healthy boost before school? Our uniform makes it easy thanks to water-repellent and stain-resistant finishes on selected trousers, skirts, shorts, blazers and coats, which means they’ll stay clean and dry, come rain or shine.


All aboard!

According to recent research, the school run is one of the biggest causes of congestion and pollution, accounting for as many as one in five cars on the road at rush hour. Consider this: one bus fits the same number of passengers as about 30 cars carrying two to three people. That’s a great reason to take the bus or find an alternative mode of transport. Factor in school-appropriate sportswear like our scuff-resistant trainers and unisex tracksuit bottoms to make the journey comfortable and quick. Now getting to school can be part of the adventure.


Let’s ride

Our crease-resistant uniform – including selected shirts, polos, blazers, trousers and skirts – means whichever way they get to the gates, they’ll arrive crumple-free. Helpfully, our non-iron shirts, skirts and trousers will also save you time so you have extra minutes for the morning jaunt. Cycle-Smart, an organisation committed to promoting safe cycling, advises that children wear helmets when they’re cycling. Make sure your kids have one ready to put on when they set off – the brighter the better to ensure they’ll be seen.


Photographer: David Gubert / Stylist: Louise Carmel Hall / Groomer: Rose Angus / Set designer: Beatrice Hurst / Kidswear editor: Maggie Davis

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