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Whether they are starting school for the first time or preparing to go into the next year up, there are so many things to remember. We asked a group of mummy bloggers to offer their #TipsAndTricks to help save you time and stress

Make it fun

“For kids who are starting reception in September, organise a fashion show with their new uniform. Let your child style it their own way and choose the music – mum and dad can be the audience”


The sticky fingers blog

Why not try…

“Impromptu treasure hunts on the way to school. It's a good way to make the walk more exciting and engaging. Also, count how many steps you take to get there and see if you can reduce the number of steps on the way back”


The sticky fingers blog

Label shoes

“There’s bound to be another child with the same shoes. One year my eldest came home with her right shoe in a size 3 and left in a size 1. Helpfully, M&S can label shoes for you, so just ask in store


Ghost writer mummy

Get super stationery

“Let the kids pick their own stationery. In my experience, they love using their new purchases and carry their bags with pride when it comes to the first morning of school”


Blog by baby

Get lunch box savvy

“Try washable lunch boxes made from neoprene. As they are made from the same material as wetsuits, they keep the lunch cool and can be washed in the machine”


Mummy from the heart

Best foot forward

“Make sure kids break in their new leather shoes before they wear them to school. Get them to put on thick socks and to walk around the house a few times”


Mummy from the heart

A multi-purpose cooler block

“Buy a few colourful kitchen sponges, rinse them in water and then freeze in a plastic bag. Use them as the cooler block in your kid's lunch box. They also act as a wipe for afterwards”


Mummy from the heart

Personalise school uniform

“Let them personalise their bags, pencil cases and coats. As long as it adheres to school rules, I actively encourage my boys to be individual, wear fun socks, or different hats”


Mum in the madhouse

Invest in good uniform

“Look out for time-saving features like non-iron or stain-resistant clothing. Many items of M&S school uniform have StayNEW™ technology which help prevent bobbling”


Slummy single mummy

Have a terrific term time

“Plan some fun activities during term time for kids to look forward to, so it doesn’t feel like endless rounds of homework and assemblies”


Slummy single mummy

Keep up the learning

“Ensure your child does something every day during the school holidays to make the transition back to school easier. Include reading, writing postcards and playing maths games”


All baby advice

Strive for stress-free mornings

“Teach your children independence by giving each a job to do in the morning. Can they make their own lunch box, lay the table for breakfast, pour the juice for everyone or load up the car? If not, teach them!”


Emma and three

Holiday adventures

“Keep up the learning over the summer by encouraging kids to keep a journal of their adventures. They can collect tickets, pictures and other mementos in a scrap book”


Emma and three

Brilliant breakfast times

“Buy some plastic bowls with lids, and fill them with cereal the night before. Fill a screw-top drink bottle with milk, and put it in the fridge door. While you shower the kids can get their bowls, and pour our their own milk”


Mummy's little monkey